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Rett Madison

Rett Madison releases

'Fleas' single & video

"“Fleas,” the third single from @rettmadison’s upcoming album is out now (link in my story). This song is a groover and the lyrics are so good! @lee.pardini on piano, @joe_dart on bass, me on drums/electric guitars/production, recorded by @tadunca, mixed by @annlieh, mastered by #DevinKerr. Cover art by @miriamcortez_ Enjoy!"

Theo Katzman

*Footage from SoCal Corgi Nationals 2018, an amateur event for Corgi lovers - I do NOT endorse professional animal racing* Track Credits music and lyrics by Rett Madison produced by Theo Katzman

guitar/vocals - Rett Madison

drums - Theo Katzman

bass - Joe Dart

keys - Lee Pardini

mixed by Annlie Huang mastered by Devin Kerr

mix notes - Tyler Duncan

Visualizer Credits

filmed and edited by Tess O'Connor


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