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Thanks for stopping by our shop. If you haven't treated yourself to the Official Theo Katzman merchandise yet then by all means, don't deny yourself the pleasure for one more second. Here are the links to the real deal in Theo merchandise!!

United States Store for Theo merch & the European Store

BUT.....if you have it ALL already & you are craving more merchandise for your collection, we might have just the thing for you. 

Theo Katzman Appreciation Team TKAT is a fan group united by our love for Theo & his music.

To show our support, we’ve created a special merchandise line. All profits from the sales made here go directly to Theo as a way of giving back and helping to sustain the music that connects us all. It’s our heartfelt thank you to an artist who continues to inspire us every day.

“Be the Wheel” Studio Session Portrait Collection

This vibrant painted portrait captures Theo during the making of his latest album, “Be the Wheel,” as captured by photographer John Hanson. Thank you John!!

By owning a piece of this unique collection, you’re not only connecting with Theo’s music but also actively supporting his creative journey.

Can’t find the item you’re looking for? No worries!
If you’d like to support Theo and our fan group, consider making a donation using the button below. All proceeds go directly to Theo, helping him create more amazing music for all of us to enjoy.

Unleash Your Creativity: Join Our Vibrant Theo Katzman Fan Art Collective!

Show some love for Theo Katzman by sending us your BEST fan art.

Your creation could become part of our exclusive fan-made merch shop, where every sale sings a note of support for Theo! Get in touch for more details at

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