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Modern Johnny

Album Release Day!!

Modern Johnny Sings - Songs in the Age of Vibe

"My new album is OUT TODAY, and you can PRE ORDER the vinyl at (the first 500 copies are on a limited edition *sexy* cream colored disc, the next 500 after that will be black discs)...It's hard to sum up such a large project in a few words, but...I put a lot of sweat into this one... probably lost a few extra hairs on this head of was a fair fight though...a nice wrestling match between me and me, at this particular time in my life...I had some deep experiences and adventures, connections, heart openings, moments that knocked the wind out of me, chances to pick back up, that gave birth to these songs...I spent a month living alone in Berlin, getting to know myself a bit better, and wrote a good chunk of the album during that time...I had a bunch of different titles for it (maybe they will surface someday)...I am so grateful to the friends who held me throughout the journey...I really needed you and you were there for know who you are and I love you so much...I feel that I grew as a songwriter...I feel that there's so much more growing ahead...there's so much that I haven't even scratched the surface of...I can feel it...that frustrates me...that scares me...that excites me...that's a nice feeling...I am grateful to the musicians who played on this album and everyone who graced it with their craft, expertise, masterful touch...I am so lucky to be amongst such regal company...I am compelled to make art, and this is my newest offering...but...I thirst for we ever catch up to ourselves??...I hope not...LOVE and THANKS to all for listening...Tour starts TONIGHT in Seattle, which is SOLD OUT and I am feeling very grateful...I'm writing this from a Sherm's Food4Less parking lot somewhere in Oregon (impressive organic selection)...don't worry, I'll be at the gig on time... Let's ROCK!!" 🎨: @sebi.white 📸: @nicolbiesekphoto

Theo Katzman



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