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Michelle Chamuel - Album Release

Michelle Chamuel

Face the Fire Album Release

"For those who have complimented me on my drum solo on "Weight Of The World" by Michelle Chamuel, thanks!! Playing two floor toms is one of my favorite things in life. BUT, I really can't take credit for this solo. Here's why: When we were sketching out a form for "Weight Of The World," Michelle said something like, "I'm hearing a drum solo here," pulled up a dinky electronic tom sound, and improvised a solo, on a midi keyboard, in one live take. When it came time to record me playing the actually drums, I improvised a few solos, and it was cool, but it wasn't really happening. Tyler and I pulled up Michelle's take and we both thought, "that's the part, note for note." So I learned her solo, and recorded it on real drums. It's a perfect solo! Everybody knows that Michelle is one of the best singers around, but did you know she's an incredible all-around musician?"

Theo Katzman February 4 2015

Michelle Chamuel - "Weight Of The World" commentary



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