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Julian Allen - Moonglo

Moonglo - Julian Allen


I wrote most of this song in the middle of the night in the Spring of 2010 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I was excited and perplexed by the task and opportunity of writing my own songs, so I phoned a friend. Lucky for me, that friend was Theo Katzman, who came over one afternoon and helped me finish the lyrics to the chorus. But the magic of that afternoon was how Theo encouraged me to celebrate and clarify and continue my curious practice of songwriting. -Julian Allen

Written by Julian Allen Lyrics by Julian Allen and Theo Katzman

Julian Allen : Drums , Vocals Woody Goss : Keys Joe Dart : Bass James Cornelison : Guitar

Tyler Duncan : Mixing Devin Kerr : Mastering Jake Birch : Mix Assistant

Graphic Art by Mallika Roy and Tatiana Hofmans



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