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Joey Dosik Opener

Vulfpeck - Headliner

Kings Theatre - Brooklyn NY


jack stratton joe dart theo katzman woody goss antwaun stanley joey dosik cory wong melissa gardener mark dover louis cato dave koz richie rodriguez alice stratton



show clips:

Joey Dosik opening Don’t Want it to Be Over Joey Dosik -- Don't Want It to Be Over (09/22/2018)

The Sweet Science, Tee Time, Fugue State, Cory Wong

Smile Meditation (with Dave Koz)

Wait for the Moment

Beastly (with Louis Cato) Vulfpeck -- Beastly (09/22/2018)

Christmas in LA Vulfpeck --

Bird of a Feather, We Rock Together Vulfpeck -- Birds of a Feather, We Rock Together (09/22/2018)

Outro (with Dave Koz) Vulfpeck Outro


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