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Vulfpeck RELEASE DAY for


"I’m a day late, but new @vulfpeck is out! When I started this musical journey, I never could have imagined that I’d be rapping in a baby’s voice on a track featuring @bootsy_collins#SINGING. It is true joyous insanity, and some of the most fun creative work I’ve ever done. Honored to be a part of this legendary crew that keeps pushing me to new corners of my imagination. Truth be told, my ultimate dream is to be a voice actor. Anybody got any connects in #Hollywood?? I didn’t move to #LA for the weather, y’all... #kidding#notkidding#help"

Jack Stratton Theo Katzman Woody Goss Joe Dart Joey Dosik Antwaun Stanley Mocky Charles Jones Ryan Lerman Chris Sorem Cory Wong Dave Williams Christine Hucal James Gadson David T. Walker Gabe Noel Pete Min Michael Bland Kris Johnson Mark Dover Jonathan Rado Bootsy Collins Baby Theo Mushy Kay


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