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Brooklyn Steel - Brooklyn NY

capacity 1800 SOLD OUT

jack stratton joe dart theo katzman woody goss antwaun stanley joey dosik cory wong



Joey Dosik full set: Running Away, Inside Voice, Kodachrome, Stories, Don’t Want it to be Over, For My Friend, Game Winner, Arrow Thru Me, Take Mine

Say You Love Me (with Rachael Price missing beginning) Rachael Price w/ Vulfpeck // Fleetwood Mac Cover (Live at Brooklyn Steel)

Funky Duck (missing beginning) Vulfpeck @ Brooklyn Steel - FUNKY DUCK - 9/10/17

Dean Town (missing beginning) Dean Town // Vulfpeck (Brooklyn Steel Night 3)

It Gets Funkier into Chromatic Walk It Gets Funkier // Vulfpeck (Live at Brooklyn Steel)

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