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Album Release Day!! Live at Madison Square Garden!!

Michael Winograd — clarinet

Jack Stratton — drums, guitar, keyboards

Woody Goss — keyboards

Theo Katzman — vocals, drums, guitar

Cory Wong — guitar

Joey Dosik — vocals, keyboards, sax

Richie Rodriguez — percussion

Joe Dart — bass

Melissa Gardiner — trombone

Nate Smith — drums

Dave Koz — curved soprano

Chris Thile — mandolin

Charles Jones — vocals, keyboards

Ryan Lerman — guitar

Antwaun Stanley — vocals

Mark Dover — clarinet

Chris Grymes — clarinet


Jack Stratton — producer

Caleb Parker — mixing, mastering

Jake Hartsfield — front of house, recording

Austin Brucker — monitors

James Edmondson — type design


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