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Fearless Flyers

Madison Square Garden New York NY

capacity 14,000 SOLD OUT

Sebastian White

"Thank you to everyone who flew, drove, trained, and...I met one couple who...BOATED to Madison Square Garden last night to be a part of @vulfpeck history. That was a certain kind of special that I haven't felt before. I feel so lucky to be a part of this crew, some of the best friends and finest musicians I know. So much love to all of you. More good stuff coming soon."

Theo Katzman

jack stratton joe dart theo katzman woody goss antwaun stanley joey dosik cory wong melissa gardener mark dover michael winnograd charles jones mark lettieri nate smith

ryan lerman dave koz chris thile





Fan Videos and Pictures:

The Sweet Science into Tee Time into Animal Spirits Vulfpeck – The Sweet Science → Tee Time → Animal Spirits (09/28/2019)

Daddy, He Got a Tesla (with Nate Smith) Vulfpeck - Daddy, He Got A Tesla - Live at MSG

Smile Meditation (with Chris Thile & Dave Koz) Vulfpeck at Madison Square Garden - Dave Koz & Chris Thile (9/29/19)

Baby I Don’t Know Oh Oh (with Charles Jones & Ryan Lerman)

Vulfpeck - The Clarinet Trio

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