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Theo Katzman

Sonic Lunch - Liberty Plaza

Ann Arbor Michigan

"Ann Arbor! I will be hosting a FREE "Rock and Roll Calisthenics" workshop TODAY on the corner of Liberty and 5th, downtown A2. As part of the workshop, I will also play a set of music with my band, starting at 12pm. Jacob Sigman opens at 11:30am. I'm not sure if I can still achieve this level of leg kick height, as this photo was taken last year, and I am now Thirty TWO years old...but I invite you to come and see if I can pull it off (the leg kick, that is...not my actual leg...). This "workshop" is actually

Sonic Lunch

, for those of you who've been thoroughly perplexed by this post. Thank you, and #LETSROCK."

Theo Katzman

joe dart, lee pardini, jordan rose, james cornelison


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