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Donny Hathaway Tribute

Donny Hathaway Tribute Night

Troubadour - Los Angeles CA

capacity 500 SOLD OUT

"Whenever anyone asks me, "If you could see any performer, from any era, who would it be?," my answer is always Donny Hathaway. He was able to transfer emotion through his voice in such an incredible way. I consider his recordings to be landmarks of human achievement, and I would send them to Mars as reprentations of human potential, if I were in charge of that kind of thing:) I'm honored to be a part of this stellar cast, paying tribute to him tomorrow night at my favorite club."

Theo Katzman

A LIVE cover of Donny Hathaway's "I Believe In Music" by Family Company, featuring Theo Katzman and Caleb Hawley.

Musicians Lead vocal: Theo Katzman Lead Vocal + Wurli - Caleb Hawley Piano: Jason Goldstein Guit: James Cornelison Guit: Nicholas Monahan Drums: Josh Teitelbaum Bass: Alex Kyhn Percussion: Ben Rose Trumpet: Jake Kenowitz Sax: Alekos Syropoulos Cello: Adrienne Woods Violin: Laurann Estevez Video - Henry Marquis Mixing Engineer / Front of House: Sam Brawner Recorded Live at The Troubadour in Los Angeles, CA.


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