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Theo Katzman - Hard For You Video

Hard for You - Video Release Day

Directed by Liann Kaye

Cinematography by Taylor Stanton

Produced by Liann Kaye & Taylor Stanton

Gaffer: Walter Lin Compositing by Joanna Newman

Actress: Jill Kurzner

Band: Kevin Connery, Luke Guyre, Dave Scalia, Tom Stoepker

Thank You: Bhanu Chundu, Liam White, Devin Kerr, Justin Goldbach, Carly Kent, Charlene Kaye, Crystal Ellis, Nadia Tykulsker, Deborah Sacks, Devon Johnson, Erin Marsz, Annie Fung, Andrea Annisi, Hannah Winkler, Rob Hess, Rae Votta,

Concert Extras, Kenny Castaways, and Smuggler.

"Hard For You" by Theo Katzman From the album Romance Without Finance

Drums, Bass, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, and Vocals by Theo Katzman

Tambourine by Devin Kerr and Theo Katzman

Produced by Theo Katzman and Devin Kerr

Engineered by Devin Kerr and Theo Katzman

Mixed and Mastered by Devin Kerr - ‪

Assistant Engineer: Annlie Huang

Additional Mixing by Tyler Duncan - ‪‬


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