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Theo Katzman - Blind Pig 2009

Wolfie Complex - Opening

Blind Pig - Ann Arbor MI

capacity 400

Katzman, whose musical résumé also includes singing with folk ensemble Red Arrow Highway and playing bass with jazz-rock band Vox Maui, plus Yo!Soul and Seth Bernard, is joined on Wednesday by a band as diverse and multitalented as himself. The group includes: My Dear Disco bassist Christian Carpenter and drummer Mike Shea; Detroit-based gospel/r&b guitarist Tom Stoepker, fresh off the P. Diddy reality competition "Making His Band," where he advanced to the final round; and Mike Shimmin of local Celtic music alchemists Millish. This lineup of musicians well-versed on multiple instruments will allow Katzman to run the gamut from guitar to bass to drums and offer surprises from song to song.

Chrysta Cherrie - Ann Arbor News




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