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Theo Katzman

Eric Krasno

Plus One Podcast

Episode 29 - Theo Katzman

"This is a good one folks ✨@krazplusone episode 29 is out now featuring my man @theokatzman ⚡️ Many of you know his band @vulfpeck which i love.... I am also a huge fan of his solo albums. We talk about his musical family, songwriting, guitar heroes, the inception of the band Vulfpeck... and how they went from a few guys recording in a living room to selling out Madison Square Garden🏆 Link in Bio" 🙏🏽 @osirispod

Eric Krasno

"It was an honor and a pleasure to chat with one of my favorite musicians and a big influence on me, @erickrasno, for his podcast @krazplusone. I’ve been digging listening to his interviews so much— Kraz is a really special musician who is a part of many different scenes in music today. Dig! ALSO, I hope that you are planning to vote/have voted. If you are an American citizen, please exercise your RIGHT to VOTE." 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼

Theo Katzman



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