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Rett Madison

Rett Madison

"Don't Know Better till you Do"

Video Release

"Here is a song from the upcoming @rettmadison album that I’m producing. It’s hard to know what to say about this song for me, cuz it completely blows me away. This is a ballad that cannot be written without going through the actual depths of human suffering and loss, which Rett has. I am astounded by her ability to channel the feelings in this song into a message of understanding for oneself, and acceptance of the circumstances of life. I didn’t want to get in the way of the song, so we just added a touch of bass and some hi-hat for added groove. Side note: this was not tracked to click, and when I overdubbed drums and bass, I just closed my eyes and played exactly to her time feel, no edits, no “where’s the beat?” She has incredible pocket. I love this gal and her music so much, and I got chills every single time I worked on it, all the way from tracking to mastering. That’s pretty rare. Thank you for your music Rett Madison.

Theo Katzman


“Don’t Know Better ‘Til You Do” Live studio video is on YouTube now and is also available to stream everywhere too. 💗

Music and lyrics by Rett Madison

Produced by Theo Katzman

Video filmed by Nicol Biesek

Video edited by Tess O'Connor

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