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Modern Johnny

EP Release Day!!

Modern Johnny Tackles the Issues

"!!OUT TODAY!! 3 songs from my upcoming album, packaged together as their own EP cuz I like how they fit together, and I dig the CONCEPT. •

I have an artist's mission statement that I keep above my desk in my studio (inspired heavily by Steven Pressfield's "The War of Art") and one of my rules for myself is to "Follow the Muse and receive Her gifts graciously, and without judgement." This is WAY easier said than done, but I have learned over the years not to question the Muse, and to honor the creative process by trying to finish an idea, even if I think it's scary, silly, corny, or whatever other judgement floods my nervous system in the poison cocktail of feelings that often hits me when I try to wrangle an idea into completion. Probably more often than not, I lose this battle, but sometimes I win, and when I do, the prize is a song. I never set out to write anything "political," but the Muse made me an offer, and I could not refuse. •

Thank you to @Lee.pardini, @joe_dart, @reallouiscato, @jeremykittel@may_erlewine@joeydosik@calebhawley@cornelisonjames@laurakmace and @rettmadison for their stunning performances and work on these songs, and THANK YOU for listening-- LOVE and RESPECT to you...and ROCK AND RAIL •"

Theo Katzman

Produced by @tadunca

Mixed by @jakedbirch

Mastered by #DevinKerr

Design by @sebi.white



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