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Caleb Hawley/Theo Katzman

Caleb Release


from the upcoming Love Drugs & Decisions (Acoustic)!!

"A few years ago a good friend kept bringing up one particular singing drummer/guitarist/bassist named @theokatzman . He kept saying “You gotta meet this guy, you’re like musical brothers or something”. Around that time I had a show scheduled at @rockwoodmusichall in NYC & coincidentally saw Theo’s name in the slot right after mine. Our mutual friend Reed (@reedgrimmmusic ) put us on the phone & we struck a deal that I’d play guitar on his set if he’d play drums on mine. Neither of us had met, nor heard each other play, but I guess we trusted Reed enough to know we at-least-didn’t suck. I honestly can’t remember much about the show but it was an important one because Theo has been an inspiration musically and, more importantly, a friend ever since. Here’s us doing a live rendition of “U&I” which will be on “LD&D Acoustic Edition” next month. Big love."

Caleb Hawley

"Thank you to my dear friend and one of the best in the game, @calebhawley, for having me on this track. I can’t even tell who’s singing which part cuz our voices sound so similar!! Should we make a duo album??? Also, fun fact, I gave this bass to Caleb the day I moved out of NYC cuz I couldn’t fit it in my van...Ha! I also gave him my bicycle:) Thanks for having my back, brotha!!"

Theo Katzman

caleb hawley theo katzman

with theo katzman playing a fretless bass


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