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About Us

          The TKAT Facebook group was started back in 2013 by a small group of amazing women living on the west coast [[ shout out to the NORCAL CREW!!]] who were lucky enough to have heard about @theokatzman before a lot of the rest of us. From even the first day as a new member it was undeniable not only the affection and admiration that everyone had for Theo the performer, but also the person they’d met offstage as well. From the very beginning the group has made it it’s mission to promote, encourage and celebrate Theo’s career accomplishments and success. Early member posts were full of design ideas for possible show posters to show him, schemes on how to sell more tickets for him & plans made to meet and go as groups anytime he announced a gig. It was always a wonderful place to go after a show and share with like-minded members favorite moments, pictures, videos and sometimes an unforgettable moment or two after a show with the man himself. Some of my most favorite people I know  I've found there. We have done a little growing since then and have expanded to make a more accessible and public footprint on the internet, but the goal hasn't changed. We still put in the "hard work" when it comes to celebrating & supporting Theo Katzman.
          Now almost 10 years later I just call the group family. Theo’s fans still love him as much as they ever did and they are some of the coolest, most talented and loyal people you could meet. Come see for yourself. Join Us!

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