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Rett Madison

Rett Madison's First Single

Pin up Daddy is released.

"3 years ago, I was at @thehotelcafe in Hollywood for a songwriter showcase night. A bunch of artists, everyone plays 3 songs, mostly musicians playing for other musicians in the audience. I was in the audience talking to a friend of mine, when I noticed that the room was starting to get silent. I looked up at the stage and saw this gal standing in front of the mic like she was about to enter a boxing ring, but with her eyes closed. She kept her eyes closed for what seemed like a long while, until the audience was completely silent. Then she opened her mouth and the sound that came out of it completely took me, like two hands forcefully grabbing me by my chest and holding me very tightly. I couldn't move, I was bolted to the floor. I felt like how someone might have felt if they stumbled into a bar and heard Adele sing for the first time. I was just completely stunned, but not only by her voice; by her presence, maturity, violently beautiful spirit, and the depth of experience exploding from her songs. I approached her afterwards, trying not to come off like a total Hollywood goon, and asked her if she'd want to collaborate. After several years of friendship and musical collaboration, I'm so so so so so so so happy and proud of the first @rettmadison single, "Pinup Daddy," which marks my first time producing an artist other than myself. This song, as well as the others on her upcoming album, are some of the most unabashedly vunerable, raw, and stunning pieces of music I've ever heard, and I'm very honored that she trusted me to shepherd them into recorded form. Rett will be opening for EVERY show on my upcoming North American tour and I'm SO psyched for people to hear her. She is a VERY TOUGH act to follow, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Song and video are out today on Spotify, YouTube etc. Check it out:) @nicolbiesekphoto@tessmoconnor on the vid, @brianrobertjones#LeePardini, recorded by Pete Min @lucysmeatmarket@jakedbirch on the mix, Devin Kerr on the master."

Theo Katzman

Music and Lyrics - Rett Madison Vocals and Guitar - Rett Madison Drums - Theo Katzman Bass - Brian Jones Wurlitzer - Lee Pardini Produced by Theo Katzman and Rett Madison Mixed by Jake Birch assisted by Sam Antonioli Mix Feedback by Tyler Duncan Mastered by Devin Kerr Engineered by Pete Min and Recorded at Lucy's Meat Market Filmed by Nicol Biesek Edited by Tess O'Connor


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